Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Start of a New Era

Well, after much thought, I have decided to pursue a small business venture as a seamstress for children's clothing.

I am so excited to embark on this new adventure and see where it will take me.

I grew up with my mom making all my clothes. I actually learned to sew at my aunt's house and I constructed a pair of shorts. My mom gave me one of her old machines and I dabbled in making my own clothes but felt they always looked homemade. When I had my own children, I would make their Halloween costumes and I always made curtains for my home.  I even sewed curtains for a few of my friends.

Fast forward a few years and now I have 2 beautiful grandchildren. I had been looking at pictures of children's boutique clothing and I decided to make some clothes for my 2 granddaughters. I bit the bullet and purchased a new Janome sewing machine. You see, my mom's old machine somehow quit working and I had purchased a Singer from the nearby Sam's Club. I broke the bobbin casing on the Singer and had to take it in to the repair shop.  While in the store, I asked the lady about new machines and she showed my the new Janome. I fell in love with the machine and bought it that day.

I gave my old Singer to my oldest daughter so she could learn to sew.  A few weeks ago, I went to stay with Abby because she had just given birth to my 2nd granddaughter Clara.  Abby and I decided that I would teach her to sew a dress for Audrey my 1st granddaughter.  To make a long story short, my old Singer would not work properly so Abby and I packed Clara into her carseat and off to Joann Fabrics we went. I bought her a new Singer Sewing Machine and, for the price, it is a great machine. We sewed and the outcome was 2 beautifully sweet sundresses for Audrey.

So you see, the legacy of sewing continues in our family and I couldn't be more proud.

And now I must go so that I can peruse the internet for more boutique style clothing that I can make for my granddaughters and my future business.


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